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 RF Adapters Between Series?

Photos of RF Adapters Between Series:

RF Adapters Between Series All Connectors

RF Adapters Between Series N type - 7/16 DIN Type

RF Adapters Between SMA Series

  RF Adapter between Series manufactured by RF & Connector Technology is a kind of precision adapters which transit the signal to the different type connectors. Precise pin-depth control guarantee a safe mating process and stainless steel is applied for harsh environment. Also its MW adapters show low VSWR performance.

 Also standard adapters are focused on low frequency and low price. To whom does not need the high frequency application, these are the best solutions. These have low VSWR performance as well.

 Ref:  Material: Brass/Stainless steel  Finish: Gold Plating/Passivated.

 For more detailed products information, please click below link;

<<Between Series Adapter Models>>


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